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One of the great advantages of ketosis in ketogenic diets is definitely the morning look at the scales!


Another advantage is that you will hardly experience ravenous hunger pangs due to the high fat and protein content of the ketogenic diet.


The ketogenic diet is also used for certain illnesses such as epilepsy or metabolic disorders and has been shown to alleviate these symptoms of ketosis.

Learn How To Benefit From The Keto Diet Even If You Have A Busy Lifestyle

A ketogenic diet is a wonderful way to stimulate the body’s metabolism, increase metabolic flexibility and even treat diseases.

Many people also use this form of nutrition to be more energetic and focused during the day.

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you test the Bulletproof Coffee and see for yourself how it works. After that you can integrate more and more ketogenic recipes into your everyday life.

About Ketodietforweightloss

Discover The Lowcarb Difference

This website is designed to provide a platform for the ketogenic diet for weight loss.
I myself came across the ketogenic diet by chance and I am lucky to have discovered it because it has changed my life from the bottom up. So I decided to share my experiences, recipes, tips and tricks, mistakes, hacks, and daily experiences with the ketogenic diet with you to help you to change your life in a positive way.

My Approach

In the beginning I was without any information. I knew nothing about ketogenic nutrition, nor did I know how it would help me lose weight.

My Process

I soaked up all the information on ketogenic nutrition I could find – both positive and negative – and then made up my own mind.

My Results

I lost over 80 pounds. I lost old friends who couldn’t cope with the change, but I also made new friends who supported me along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Eating fat to lose fat - how does that work?

Very simple: In the ketosis metabolism the liver transforms fat pads into energy. To do this, it forms ketone bodies from fatty acids, a high-carat fuel for muscles and brain. The liver cannot convert ketone bodies back into fat. So if you are in ketosis, you cannot overeat on fat: Excess ketones are simply excreted. This is different in glucose metabolism. Excess carbohydrates, essentially sugar and starch, are stored as fat deposits.

Is everything I have learned so far about dieting wrong?

In fact, the principles of the ketogenic diet contradict much of what established nutritional science has been spreading as an incontrovertible truth for decades. No wonder, then, that the question of whether a low-fat or a low-carbohydrate diet leads to a bikini figure is a real bone of contention among researchers - and not only among researchers. Recent publications, however, indicate a paradigm shift in science. More and more serious studies are pointing to the great unused potential of a ketogenic diet - not only for the slim line, but for many areas of fitness and health.


How often may I eat?

The ketogenic diet is about reducing carbon hydrates, not about reducing calories. In fact, if you strictly follow the ketogenic dietary rules, you can eat as much as you want. However, if your primary goal is to lose weight quickly, then you should also reduce the amount of food you eat: The less often you eat, the faster and more often the body has to switch to ketosis and burn body fat.


Do I have to stay in ketosis permanently to stabilize weight and health effects?

No, ketogenic nutrition is very well suited as an interval diet - for example, alternating with a light Mediterranean diet or another low-carbohydrate diet. Therapeutic fasting as a form of ketosis alternating with a high-carbohydrate diet also has a proven effect on health, fitness and slim line.


How do I notice that the ketosis is reached?

Suddenly the hunger is gone! This is the unmistakable sign that the transition phase from glucose metabolism to ketosis has been overcome. To be on the safe side, buy keto-sticks in the pharmacy. These are test strips that measure the concentration of ketone bodies in the urine.


Is there a yo-yo effect with ketogenic nutrition?

Yes and no. Actually, the ketogenic diet is the safest way to burn fat effectively and keep slim lines. This is simply because you are not plagued by the feeling of hunger every few hours. In ketosis, the blood sugar level is relatively stable - unlike in glucose metabolism, where it rises steeply after each meal and then drops again quickly. Every drop in blood sugar levels is reflected in a hot desire for food.

However, there is a trap: Those who suddenly become weak at the sight of pizza and pasta after several months of strict ketogenic nutrition combine fatty food with easily digestible carbohydrates. The metabolism jumps back into glucose mode and the pounds return as quickly as they once melted away. Therefore, as mentioned above, we recommend removing all carbohydrate-rich foods from the household. Once the first few days are over and the sugar cravings have been overcome, it is an easy thing to do. The only opponent then is the inner pig dog. However, if only the right food is in the household, this should not be a problem.

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