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Where KetoDietForWeightLoss Started

So what is the purpose of ketodietforweightloss?

Behind the idea of Ketodietforweightloss is a path of several years of attempts to lose weight, which has been based on the ketogenic diet now for 3 years. To review my way, to reflect my thoughts, to stay motivated and to get in contact with many people, I have started this page.

The communication with like-minded people is simply much more relaxed and effective than communicating with people who do not know what a ketogenic diet is, not to mention how it works. Constantly these sentences, like “That can’t be healthy”, “That makes you sick” and “You can’t live without bread and potatoes” are getting on your nerves.

As you will learn later, I am a German guy. So you might ask yourself why I don’t create this page in German, in my mother tongue? There are 3 simple reasons:

  1. In English, I address a larger target group and can establish more communication. I did my research on the topic in English as well, because that way I had more information available.
  2. In my experience, this form of nutrition is better known and accepted in English-speaking countries. In our country, you are looked at in a funny and almost pejorative way almost everywhere if you order in a restaurant without potatoes/rice/fries.
  3. It gives me the opportunity to constantly improve my English, so feel free to point out mistakes.

What are the purposes I strive for with the site?

As already explained, I am interested in a lively exchange with keto enthusiasts, keto beginners, keto experienced people, simply with everyone who can contribute something meaningful to the topic. Especially I want to provide a place for keto beginners where they can gain information, get help with problems and simply benefit from the exchange of my and your experiences.
Therefore I have structured the site into 3 sections:


Knowledge base

Here the background and facts of ketogenic nutrition are discussed, explained how to get started and what to pay attention to. Furthermore articles on ketogenic nutrition.



In the blog area I will look at everyday things. This starts with problems like keto flu and keto hangover, goes on to experiences in restaurants, picking the right food, motivation problems, ravenous appetite attacks, cheat meals, tips and tricks, but also reactions in the social environment to the life change.



In this area, a base of recipes should be created to inspire you to try new things and not to let “everyday life” become part of your diet, so that it doesn’t get boring, because I know it too well, if there are scrambled eggs for breakfast every day, simply because it fits well into the macronutrient distribution – but every day?!


Clean Diet Results

And More lbs Weight Loss




New Attitude To Life

So, who am I?

Me? I’m Dennis, 26 years old, from Germany.

Since my childhood I used to be overweight, was fat and had problems because of this. In the third or fourth grade I had to go to a weight loss program because of the overweight. This showed some success, but unfortunately it was not very long lasting. As a teenager I gained weight again. A teenager with overweight in today’s time – not the best conditions. However, Actually, I could not complain very often, because I did not lack of friends and fun. Outwardly I was actually always happy, but in review, some situations were already eating away at me, such as social rejection, no attention from the opposite sex, or unsporting behaviour. I felt relatively comfortable in my skin, but if I had been completely honest with myself, I would have seen that I was lying to myself.

From 2012 onwards, there were small temporary successes in losing weight from time to time. These never lasted long, because despite a lot of sport, the most important thing, the right nutrition, was missing. I could hardly believe that nutrition is more important than sport to lose weight effectively and for a long time, to live healthy. Looking back, I wonder why I could never understand this. I reached the peak of my body weight in 2015 with approx. 275lbs, when after a failed relationship food served as a distraction – who does not know it.The 24th of November 2016 was the day when everything changed. This may sound corny, but I stood in front of the mirror in the morning and that person in the mirror was just not me. I realized that on that day. It made click – time for change. I started on a LowCarb diet and got my first positive results, which lasted longer than 6 weeks. One day in the gym I got into a conversation with a well-trained man. He told me that he wanted to gain weight and I laughed and said that he could have something from me. So I guess everyone has his problems, even those that look “perfect” to others. 

Anyway, in the end he told me that I should look into ketogenic nutrition, that it might be right for me. I think I owe this person my whole life, because that was the crucial point for my success. Unfortunately I never met him again. There’s no way you’re gonna read this, but THANK YOU!

I absorbed all the information on the ketogenic diet for weight loss I could find. I made plans, collected recipes, looked for apps to help, did a body analysis to determine my calorie requirements and calculated my macronutrient distribution. In June 2017 I started the ketogenic diet for weight loss. Within half a year I went through an incredible transformation. Milestones, such as a weight under 200lbs, constantly new dress sizes led to the greatest success, so that in November 2017, one year after the beginning of my new lifestyle, I weighed an unbelievable 185lbs. I lost about 80lbs, a third of my body was gone. Now it is time to keep the weight, get fitter and not fall into old habits.

The change of mind takes longer than the change of body

An example of what this thesis symbolically describes happened to me while shopping. Of course, I had to buy new clothes, because the old ones didn’t fit at all. Although I was now wearing size M and can also wear fitted clothes, I fell into old patterns for a long time while searching for clothes. I was looking for wide clothes that concealed and I reached for the shirts in size XL. Actually stupid, isn’t it? But the mind doesn’t seem to process such a big and fast change that quickly.
Also my self-confidence had to get used to the new body first. But you can read more about it in the blog.

It is never too late to change something

Don’t you also know these sentences, “You have strong bones”, “You have the predisposition”, or “You will never be thin, just accept it”? That’s bullshit! There were points in my life where I believed these sentences of others. But now I know that what others say doesn’t count. All that matters is you, your will, your motivation. It’s your body and your life. It is never too late to change anything.

Real Results

No fake reviews, no fake recommendations, no fake advertisement

I have been on a ketogenic diet (with interruptions) for several years and have experienced many ups and downs. I know the feeling of keto flu, I know the feeling of keto hangover, I know the feeling of abstinence and renunciation. But I also know the feeling of increased metabolism, increased libido and the positive effect on fat burning. Therefore, I will only publish recommendations, evaluations, and experiences on this page that are my own. You can be sure that I will never recommend anything that I do not like myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Eating fat to lose fat - how does that work?

Very simple: In the ketosis metabolism the liver transforms fat pads into energy. To do this, it forms ketone bodies from fatty acids, a high-carat fuel for muscles and brain. The liver cannot convert ketone bodies back into fat. So if you are in ketosis, you cannot overeat on fat: Excess ketones are simply excreted. This is different in glucose metabolism. Excess carbohydrates, essentially sugar and starch, are stored as fat deposits.

Is everything I have learned so far about dieting wrong?

In fact, the principles of the ketogenic diet contradict much of what established nutritional science has been spreading as an incontrovertible truth for decades. No wonder, then, that the question of whether a low-fat or a low-carbohydrate diet leads to a bikini figure is a real bone of contention among researchers - and not only among researchers. Recent publications, however, indicate a paradigm shift in science. More and more serious studies are pointing to the great unused potential of a ketogenic diet - not only for the slim line, but for many areas of fitness and health.


How often may I eat?

The ketogenic diet is about reducing carbon hydrates, not about reducing calories. In fact, if you strictly follow the ketogenic dietary rules, you can eat as much as you want. However, if your primary goal is to lose weight quickly, then you should also reduce the amount of food you eat: The less often you eat, the faster and more often the body has to switch to ketosis and burn body fat.


Do I have to stay in ketosis permanently to stabilize weight and health effects?

No, ketogenic nutrition is very well suited as an interval diet - for example, alternating with a light Mediterranean diet or another low-carbohydrate diet. Therapeutic fasting as a form of ketosis alternating with a high-carbohydrate diet also has a proven effect on health, fitness and slim line.


How do I notice that the ketosis is reached?

Suddenly the hunger is gone! This is the unmistakable sign that the transition phase from glucose metabolism to ketosis has been overcome. To be on the safe side, buy keto-sticks in the pharmacy. These are test strips that measure the concentration of ketone bodies in the urine.


Is there a yo-yo effect with ketogenic nutrition?

Yes and no. Actually, the ketogenic diet is the safest way to burn fat effectively and keep slim lines. This is simply because you are not plagued by the feeling of hunger every few hours. In ketosis, the blood sugar level is relatively stable - unlike in glucose metabolism, where it rises steeply after each meal and then drops again quickly. Every drop in blood sugar levels is reflected in a hot desire for food.

However, there is a trap: Those who suddenly become weak at the sight of pizza and pasta after several months of strict ketogenic nutrition combine fatty food with easily digestible carbohydrates. The metabolism jumps back into glucose mode and the pounds return as quickly as they once melted away. Therefore, as mentioned above, we recommend removing all carbohydrate-rich foods from the household. Once the first few days are over and the sugar cravings have been overcome, it is an easy thing to do. The only opponent then is the inner pig dog. However, if only the right food is in the household, this should not be a problem.

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