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A good selection of recipes is the be-all and end-all of a ketogenic diet for weight loss. Nothing is worse than not having a choice of healthy meals in a moment of ravenous appetite, or in stressful everyday life and resorting to fast food.

I would also be happy to take your recipes

Recipes for everyone

In this area, a base of recipes should be created to inspire you to try new things and not to let “everyday life” become part of your diet, so that it doesn’t get boring. Because I know it too well when there are scrambled eggs for breakfast every day, simply because it fits well into the macronutrient distribution – but every day?!

Some useful tips

  • The recipes are not set in stone – modify them according to your macronutrient distribution
  • Be experimental – sometimes what does not fit together at all fits together
  • Be open for new things – due to the change of diet I like things I have never eaten before


Here you will find all our recipes for breakfast to guarantee a good start to the day.


Here you will find all our recipes for lunch or dinner to get a healthy main meal.


Here you will find all our snack recipes, whether it is cake, pudding or ice cream.

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Bulletproof Coffee 101: Your Quick, Breakfast Guide

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The Keto Cheesecake Fat Bombs recipe is so easy to make and the taste is as incredible as it sounds. The great thing about this recipe is that there are no "artificial" ingredients that you will need to worry about. This is a delicious low carb dessert recipe that can...

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