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Keto Diet Risks: Who Are Safe To Follow Keto Diet And How Should Stay Away From It

I always wanted to try a keto diet because of its said so benefits in losing weight. But, there are has always been some disputable opinions on the internet when it comes to the keto diet. Therefore, to remove all those doubts about keto and to clear any confusion, I consulted a doctor who can give the needed information.

In this article, you will know about some of the keto diet risks and who are prone to them that I have learned from my dietician.

Keto diet risks

Many said it is the last few years that keto is another of those fad diet trends that come and then vanished off after some time. But what I can see is that keto is a trend that is not dying down and is instead becoming more of a debating topic among many doctors, dieticians, researchers, and physical trainers.

Many researchers over time, have shown that the keto diet can be quite beneficial. But are there no keto diet risks?

Well, no diet comes with a risk-free tag, as there will always be a certain number of people who should avoid it and there can be some side effects of the diet too.

Keto diet risks for diabetics

Diabetics can be at risk during a keto diet
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If you have diabetes, then one must take into consideration their health and their diabetes type before starting the diet. Many research since the last few years have stated that people with type 2 diabetes are more likely to see a weight loss around the belly with the keto diet. As the keto diet is designed in a consume lower amounts of carbs, the keto diet in diabetic type 2 patients tend to show hiked levels of A1c in the blood. Also, in patients who are insulin resistant, keto diet help in controlling the blood sugar levels.

However, the same results are not seen in type 1 patients. Though it is recorded that keto does help in lowering A1c levels in the blood, but does that really help losing weight?

Well, that is something that is still been researched about, and mostly the results are negative.

Keto diet safe for pregnancy

Pregnant Women Maternal Book
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Well, it is common for mothers to be to get all worried about their gained weight and they try to lose some of those extra pounds.

One of the very popular diet plans that help in losing weight is keto. But the question is whether the keto diet is safe for pregnant women?

It is not safe for pregnant women to go keto diet; why? Because the baby needs glucose as a source of energy to grow and all the vital organs require glucose to develop. Keto diet cuts on glucose and instead relies on ketones from fat. This can cause major developmental problems in the baby and can also cause trouble with mommy’s health.

Keto diet risks for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers need to have proper nutrition in the body to produce milk.

So now, the question is whether the keto diet is safe for mothers with a breastfed baby. The answer somewhat lies in the mid-ground.

Having a low carb diet can be quite effective in losing weight for new mothers, as other food items will be able to give the needed nutrition. But starting a strict keto diet is not supported by the doctors and can have many keto diet risks.

Keto diet risks for seniors

When carbs are reduced and fat is increased, the body goes into ketosis and thus starts burning fat to gain energy. This way the fat is used up and also the weight can be reduced significantly.

It is seen that the keto diet is quite safe, epically if one healthy and hearty. So is it safe for people who are above age 60?

The general answer is yes! To date, no study has shown the keto diet can have any type of bad effect on the health of someone who is above age 60. It can help to reduce the excess weight and also keep one away from heart problems.

Keto diet safe for high cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the major components of blood and helps in carrying out various tasks like hormone production, absorbing vitamin D, and building cells. Now some may think that the keto diet is rich in fatty foods, and therefore it may increase the LDL level in the body and can affect the coronary well being.

But a few research in the last few years have shown that people with high cholesterol can benefit from the keto diet, as they can lose weight more easily. Those have major ailments should avoid keto to avoid keto diet risks.

Keto diet safe for heart

Keto diet safe for heart
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Heart health is important and thus, one should consult doctors beforehand.

However, some of the current studies have stated that the keto diet is safe for heart health. Why? Because a low carb diet and high-fat diet helps in increasing the ketosis in the body and helps in burning those not so good fat from the body. It can increase the HDL levels along with triglycerides and also help in decreasing LDL.

Therefore, one can say that a keto diet is actually helpful in keeping the heart healthy and fit and avoid coronary ailments.

Final words

Keto diet and keto diet risks are simply some topics that will always be discussed among the health forums. However, one thing that is quite clear from various researchers performed across the globe is that keto is not harmful to those who have no illness and history of major illness. And mostly it s found that those who fall in the high-risk category of certain ailments, should stay away from the keto diet. 

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